Twin Cities Marathon 2011!

It’s official.   I signed up for Twin Cities Marathon today.   This marathon addiction fun started when I did Twin Cities as my first marathon in October of 2008.  This year it will be my 4th time doing it.  I love Twin Cities because it’s local for me so I don’t have the added stress of traveling, I have friends and family that spectate/cheer for me, and the course is awesome (great crowds, not too challenging, scenic).  Another reason why the Securian mess up makes me mad is that I would have qualified for corral 1 at TCM with my time (my PR is 2 years old, so I can’t use it).  Now I’ll need to run another speedy half of just get sub 3:45 at Little Rock!

And for those of you keeping track, yes, that is 3 marathons that I’m planning on this year.

  • Little Rock Marathon 3/6/11
  • Grandma’s Marathon 6/18/11
  • Twin Cities Marathon 10/2/11

They are spaced apart nicely, in my opinion.  Should allow for 3 weeks of recovery after each marathon and then 12 weeks of training.  Fun!

7 thoughts on “Twin Cities Marathon 2011!

    1. I’m with Jen, I might commit if I knew the weather wasn’t going to bash me up. Very undecided about the fall.

      But congrats on signing up!

  1. Do it Jen! Weather was perfect last year. You could always use Whistlestop as a back up and if it’s crappy weather then stay up here an extra week, see the parents and then do Whistlestop.

  2. Granny

    Don’t worry, Grandma’s is just a long run followed by a long drunken party. The hangover will require a longer recovery than the run itself:) One of these years it’s going to be 40F in Duluth in June and you’ll roll to a faster time that you ever thought possible…before the drunken tomfoolery.

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