Bonus Week!

Huh?  I get a bonus week of training for Little Rock.  As I was getting ready this morning I was thinking about it being February tomorrow.  28 days.  Then 6 more days til the Little Rock Marathon.  34 days of training left.  5 weeks.  Then how come when I blogged last night I said 1 more week of heavy training then 3 weeks of taper?  Something’s not right.  Double checked my calendar, my running log and my blog.  Oooops, looks like I started my 12 week marathon training plan a week earlier than I was supposed to!   Must have been really excited for another marathon!v  I’m just glad I figured out my screw up now instead of after I started tapering.  A 4 week taper would have really thrown me off.

So now I’m trying to figure out what to do with this week.   My legs still feel a little beat up this morning from the HM race and/or all that dancing.  Options:

  • I may repeat last week (since I was off of the planned schedule because of screw up with the length of the HM, I didn’t get my full 17 mile long run in; and I didn’t do an 8k-15k race, and instead did the sort-of-HM).
  • I may do this week as scheduled and then do this week again next week (does that make sense?).  I’m supposed to do a 20 miler this week (if I was on the normal schedule).  I like the idea of doing 20 this week and next week, so getting an extra 20 miler in now.
  • I may just do random stuff this week (make up the tempo run a missed a few weeks ago because of the crazy cold weather; maybe jump in a race on Saturday – I think there is a 10 mile one locally) and then jump back into the schedule next week.

Thoughts?  (About my schedule, not about what a dumb blond airhead thing I did with my schedule!)

5 thoughts on “Bonus Week!

  1. I’d repeat last week and if you’re feeling more recovered by the weekend up your LR to something closer to 20 and of course if you want to customize the week more popping in runs you may have missed in the last weeks of training, make it fun and do whatever you feel like + the weather allows.

    p.s. congrats on the HM/not HM 🙂

  2. Theia

    I would do either option 1 or 3 (but not option 2… I fear that back-to-back weeks with a 20-miler will do more damage than good). I like the idea of a free week to do whatever you want. Make it fun!

  3. Ha ha…I did the SAME thing a few weeks ago. Better to start a week early then a week late!

    I would repeat last week. I like to do really well in my final 20 before the taper…it gives me a huge mental boost. A 20 this weeked may compromise that final 20 miler before the taper.

  4. Do 20 milers beat you up a ton? They shouldn’t if they are run easy, GMP plus 45-90 seconds. An easy long run should be easier on your body than a set of intervals, about the same as a tempo. You have a nice mileage base to back that up.

    I would, for sure, do another 20. That’s how I would roll, endurance is key for a strong marathon, speed not so much. If it was me, I’d take this week easy on the speed to recover from the 1/2 and then get in a nice and easy 20 miler on the weekend. Endurance and strength is going to get you your 3:40!

    Just my opinion 🙂

    PS: I always had triple check my dates when I used Pfitz, it’s easy to mess up by a week, so many do the same thing!

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. It helps! I’m leaning towards just doing random stuff this week and doing 20 on Saturday (unless it feels horrible, then stopping around 18). I have the time on Saturday because one of the kids is gone all day. And 20 milers don’t beat me up. The speedier stuff beats me up (like the race this past weekend). I think having another 20 miler under my belt will be a good confidence builder and be the best thing for me physically too.

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