1:33:52 Securian Half!!

Too bad they screwed up the course turn-around and it was only 11.78 miles long.  So my 1:33:xx half isn’t really legit.  How irritating that they screwed up that bad.  So I finished with a 7:59 pace.  When we realized they mismeasured the course, I pulled back a bit since it wouldn’t be a legitimate half.  Otherwise I think I would have ended up with a PR of around 1:43:xx (current PR 1:44:44).

Highlights from the race:

  • I felt strong.
  • The pace didn’t feel too horrible.  Not easy, but not impossible.  I did feel like I was racing it though (until I started holding back after about 7 miles).
  • The route was fairly hilly.  Nothing drastic (except at the end).  But just gradual inclines/declines throughout.  They changed the route this year to stay in downtown St. Paul for about the first 1.75 miles.  I liked that – it made it more interesting and allowed for more spectators.  But it also made for more hills.
  • I thought it was good practice for Little Rock, since it was a bit hilly.  I really tried to work on my downhill form/pace.

I am sore today.  Not sure if it’s from the race or from celebrating my friend’s 40th last night dancing at Zorbaz Gull Lake for 4+ hours in one inch heeled boots.

This week of training was decent, but not quite as many miles as I wanted.  And I slacked on the pilates/weights.  Might try to get one more pilates session in today still.

Little Rock Marathon Week #8 recap:

Miles Run:  45.6;  Biking:  28 minutes:  Weights: 1 time; Pilates: 1 time.

  • M: biking/weights
  • T: 8 miles (8:47; w/ 5x600m at 6:56 pace)
  • W: 11.1 miles (9:27)
  • Th: 5 miles (8:54)
  • F: pilates (abs, buns & thighs)
  • Sa: 15 miles (w/ 11.8 race at 7:59 pace; rest slow)
  • Su: 6 miles (9:52)

I do feel good about the race though.  It was a good test of my fitness.  I feel like I am in shape to run a 3:40ish marathon (obviously if everything else fell in place perfectly and the weather and hills don’t mess me up).  One more week of hard training and then 3 weeks of taper.

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