Carb loading!

I decided to go for it tomorrow at the Winter Carnival Half Marathon and race it.  Conditions look ok.  Probably about 20 degrees and a tiny bit of wind.  We’re supposed to get about an inch of snow tonight, but hopefully they will have time to clear/salt/sand the race road, so it won’t be too slippery.  Not sure what to expect for a time because I am in peak marathon training, with lots-o-miles and some tired legs.

Because I ended up swamped at work today, I haven’t gotten a run in, so I’m doing a little mini taper (1 day!).   And I’m carb loading.  🙂  (Actually I would have eaten this anyway, but tomorrow’s race makes me not feel quite so guilty!)  Is it bad that when I tried to save a picture labeled “cake” on my computer it said that “cake” already exists and asked if I wanted to replace it?  This heath bar supreme cake was delicious – chocolately with caramel in it, whipped topping and heath bar crumbles.  YUM!  I got it from the same deli that made the brownie the size of my hand (which I ate in one sitting!)  This time I refrained from eating the whole thing in one sitting.  I’ll bring it home with me and eat the rest tonight!

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