The thing I like about getting blasted with sub-zero temps like we did last week is that then 20 degrees feels like heaven!  Seriously.  I ran 11 miles this morning.  The sun was shining.  It was 20 degrees.  There was no wind.  It was incredible!

I also wore my heartrate monitor for the first time since before Illinois marathon last spring.  I used to wear it religiously and record and analyze my heartrate.  After Illinois it seemed like too much work and too much analyzing.   I just wanted to run and not be a slave to the HRM.  Today I wanted to see where I was at with it.  So many factors affect it – the cold, the terrain, my lack of sleep (I was up all night with daughter, who was puking).  But considering everything, it was decent.  9:27 avg pace, 147 avg HR.  Not bad, for me.  When I look back at what it was last January, it’s better.  Of course this was just one run, so hard to say.  I’ll probably start wearing it more often, just to see where I’m at.

Trying to decide what to do for the Winter Carnival Half Marathon this weekend.  Pftiz’ schedule calls for an 8k-15k tune up race Saturday and a 17 mile long run Sunday.  I have out-of-town plans, starting about noon on Saturday, so can’t do exactly what his schedule says.  SO – my options/thoughts are:

  1. do a 5 mile “race”/tempo type run of my own on Friday, and then just run the Winter Carnival HM Saturday as  pure training run (i.e. not race/not fast) plus tack on 4 miles.
  2. do an easy run in place of the 8k-15k race on Friday, and then “race” the HM (with w/u and c/d miles to get to 17 for the day);
  3. do an easy run in place of the 8k-15k race on Friday, and then do the HM at Marathon Pace (with w/u and c/d miles to get to 17 for the day);
  4. something else??

What say you?  (I’m leaning towards racing the HM, to see where I’m at fitness-wise; Followed closely by doing the HM at MP).

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