I have a confession to make.  I have sort of been liking the treadmill lately.*  Seriously.  It’s actually been a nice escape from the cold/dark/ice.  And it has been allowing me to get some quality workouts in, which have been impossible with our Minnesota conditions.  Hills.  Random speed.  And today, downhills, thanks to Jen’s suggestion on my hill help post. Don’t get me wrong, as soon as the weather improves, I’ll be on the streets for virtually all my runs.  But for now, I think the treadmill is actually helping me.  And I’m not hating it.  This is shaping up to be a kick-a$$ fitness week for me!

* Except for my Epic Fail MP attempt, which was stupid.

4 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Lora

    See, I should really get over my adversion to the TM. It’s been so tough to find running space around here with the slick, icy, snowy bs we’ve been constantly dealing with. Perhaps I need to just bite the bullet and jump on for a short run one of these days…

  2. If it’s working don’t fret… go with it! I ate my words and jumped on it last night, wanted some tempo time and didn’t want to deal with the dark and cold and presto, I did it!

  3. I always end up feeling this way this time of year. Sure, it’s not the same as running outside, but it’s a great substitute when just the thought of being outside makes your insides shiver.

  4. I always end up feeling the same way. I have been on the TM for weeks and while the thought of it sucks, it is nice to be able to have water at the ready, to be in just shorts and a sports bra, and to be able to pick up the pace (unlike on the slippery roads). Glad to hear all is going well!!

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