How fun and delicious does this bakery cake look?  I LOVE bakery cake, particularly the frosting.  It’s just me and the kids at home tonight, so I we decided to have a make your own pizza buffet and bakery cake.  We’re trying to think of something to celebrate.  I guess Martin Luther King Jr. Day, unless anyone has a better idea?

My brother took this fabulous photo of Temperance River Beach.  So beautiful!  He takes the best pictures.

I feel pretty solid about this week of training, in terms of mileage.  I still wish I had been able to get all the MP miles done, but I may end up doing the winter carnival half in 2 weeks at MP or faster.  Work was also so crazy that I couldn’t get over to the club to do any weights or cross training.  But I got the miles and pilates in, so that’ll do!

Little Rock Training, Week #6

Miles Run:  53.2; pilates 3 times; random core stuff

  • M: 5.1 miles (9:33); pilates (advanced)
  • T: 10 miles (w/ 5 x 1000m at 7:19 pace)
  • W: pilates (abs, buns & thighs)
  • Th: 4.5 miles (10:00); really really cold out
  • F:  12 miles (9:10; w/ 7 at MP of 8:27) – workout from hell
  • Sa: 15.1 hilly miles (9:27)
  • Su: 6.45 miles (9:30); pilates (advanced)

3 thoughts on “Celebrate!

  1. Lora

    You could celebrats MLKjr. Day — or you could just celebrate Today and a fun night with the kids! That cake looks yummy 🙂

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