Epic Fail!

I made one of the ugliest-ever attempts at a long run on a treadmill today.  Oh, and it wasn’t just an attempt at a long run, but an attempt at a marathon pace long run.  In retrospect, I shouldn’t have tried it.  I HATE the treadmill and hardly ever run on it (like maybe 3 times total in 2010, all less than 5 miles).  But last night I was thinking about when I’d be able to squeeze in my remaining runs for the week (12 miles, 6 miles, 15 miles w/ 12 at MP) and I was looking at my work schedule, life schedule, and the weather forecast and I got depressed thinking about doing this runs in the dark, cold, snow and ultra-early.  So I figured I’d go to work early, then be able to leave early and attempt a 15 mile run, w/ 12 at MP, on the treadmill. Ha!

I ended up with about 12 miles total, but they weren’t all on the treadmill and they weren’t all at MP.  And it was ugly.  Here are the highlights:

  • I apparently can’t run and listen to music at the same time because at one point my arm brushed the headphone cord and the iphone separated and went flying onto the TM track, and bounced into the aisle behind the TM.  Had to stop and pick it up.
  • I apparently can’t drink and run at MP.  Spilled gatorade all over me and the TM.  Realized this after 1 MP mile, so each time I needed a drink after that, I would need to slow the pace down to like 12:00, so I could gulp some fluids (I didn’t have my normal water bottle; just a regular gatorade bottle).
  • After about 5 MP miles, I must have pressed a strange button on the iphone (I never use the ipod portion) and it started playing just snippits of songs, instead of the full song.  So a song would start and I’d love it, but then 10 seconds later it would move on to the next one.  Grrrr.
  • So I decided to try running with no music.  With nothing to focus on, my mind started tricking my legs into thinking they were going too fast for the TM and that issues were developing.  So I watched each hundreth of a mile tick slowly by and thought I was going to have a mental breakdown.  Then I felt like my right leg issue was developing (I’m convinced I don’t really have a right leg issue; it’s in my head when I can’t handle running anymore) so I decided to try running slow on the TM and see if things got better.  They didn’t.
  • After 8.6 miles total (with about 7.25 at MP), decided to just run for an hour on the track.  (They have a little track that I think must be like 15 laps for a mile; it sucks).  Very weird to run on a track after the TM.  I felt wobbly, like I do when I try running a few days after getting off a cruise ship.  I couldn’t deal with it for the full hour, so quit after about 30 minutes, which I figure is good for 3.4 miles to get me at 12 miles for the day.
  • Oh — and I have nasty chaffing in my armpit area now.  Nice.

Next time I say I’m gonna attempt this kind of craziness on a treadmill, remind me that dealing with snow and cold will be a better option.  I’m just NOT cut out for indoor running.

5 thoughts on “Epic Fail!

  1. Bravo for even attempting this and for still getting some good miles out of it. The TM really messes with me and I know it’s me doing it to myself and so I should never give myself the option of running on it in the first place. But dang, there are situations when it does indeed seem like the better option. My last TM run (the 2nd of only 2 in all of 2010) was a HUGE EPIC fail. I broke down, ran the suckiest tempo intervals ever and swore that sucker off. Interestingly enough, I’ve penciled in a run on one tonight to get some hills in as I don’t think I can convince myself to get back outside again today for another outdoor run. CRAP!

    1. I still may end up doing it during this training cycle if the roads are complete crap for my speedwork and hills. But it will definitely be short runs.

      Good luck with the hills on the TM tonight! At least adjusting the incline every few tenths of a mile keeps it interesting and may make you hang in there!

  2. Mindi

    I think MP long runs are among the hardest workouts all season – so I can see how it could be a huge bust on the TM. I am finally used to running on mine, but still can’;t deal with much over 10 miles on it. I also well recall the early days of trying to deal with drinking, fumbling around with mp3 players, etc. It really is an art. 🙂 BTW, rather than messing with the pace, if you have to stop to drink, just step on the sides (non-moving), grab a quick drink and jump back on.

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