Boston 2012 Qualifying Info

I’m a planner.  Even though Boston 2012 is 16 months away, I want to know NOW if I already qualified with my Twin Cities time, or if I have to do something faster this year still.  So I emailed the BAA and asked them what the deal was.  The response that I got back, via email, was “We will have more information posted in late February.”  Great, the timing of it will be right before Little Rock, so I’ll know going into it what I have to do in terms of time.  In the mean time, I’m gonna train as if they are changing the qualifying times and I have to run something faster.  You think 3:40?  If they change it would they change it by more than 10 minutes?  (Currently it’s 3:50 for the age I’ll be during the 2012 race).  What say you?

5 thoughts on “Boston 2012 Qualifying Info

  1. I agree with Jen, 5 mins. seems more likely. Although they could target that large age group just younger than you if they do a combination of age and times

  2. 5 minutes is my guess as well. A slim possibility that it may be 10 minutes for some of the AGs but I guess we’ll see. Can’t wait to find out more as well.

  3. KP

    Probably only five minutes but will probably only make a qualifying time good for one Boston instead of two.

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