Mixed Bag of Training

This week (week #5 of Little Rock training) was a mixed bag.  My kick-ass hilly treadmill run was a highpoint, as was my  hilly long run today.  But not being able to come ANYWHERE close to hitting paces on what was supposed to be 4 tempo miles sucked (was aiming for 7:45, the paces were 8:10; 8:36; 9:00 and then I quit trying for tempo).  I’m blaming that one on the greasy roads and cold temps.  Disappointing.

After complaining yesterday about having to do my long run in the cold and having left it until the end of the week, I decided to change my attitude about it.  I did this mostly after I read something that Mindi had posted on kickrunners, about giving herself the gift of doing her long run this afternoon, instead of cramming it in in the cold dark morning in Wisconsin.  So I had the best morning: sleeping til 7:00, then getting up and having coffee and pancakes (and PB toast and raisin bran!), reading the obits (morbid? not for me – I do it everyday and like reading about people and how they lived and were loved), doing some work and then going to church.  It was 6 degrees and sunny when I hit the road for my long run.  I picked a route that was gently rolling hills (for about 14 of the 16 miles) and really enjoyed myself.  Got 2.5 hours of vitamin D, an awesome strength workout with the hills and got lots of sorted out in my mind.  It was the best long run I’ve had in a long long time.  16.1 miles in 2:29:45 (9:18).

So, all in all a good week.  Next 4 weeks are hard/key!

Little Rock Week #5 Recap:

Miles Run:  48;  Biking:  80 minutes; Weights: 2 times; Pilates: 3 times

  • M: 3.2 miles (10:18); 40 min. biking; weights
  • T: 4.8 miles (9:42; hilly on TM); pilates (advanced)
  • W: 8.7 miles (9:36); pilates (abs)
  • Th: 40 min. biking; weights
  • F: 12.2 miles (9:51);
  • Sa: 3.2 miles (10:01); pilates (abs)
  • Su: 16.1 miles (9:18; hilly)

Who’s seeing Hood to Coast on Tuesday?  I’m dragging the husband with me (I bribed him with food and beer beforehand!).

2 thoughts on “Mixed Bag of Training

  1. I like the mindset for that LR too, great job this week!

    I’m meeting up with a big group to see the movie on Tues as well! We can compare notes afterwards

  2. Lora

    As much as I love to run in the dark, peaceful mornings before work, I tend to wait and do my runs after work as much as I can, especially in the winter, simply so that I get some sunshine and VitD in my day. I work in a windowless classroom all day. I need my sunshine! Great job on the LR 🙂

    Oh , and I’m seeing the movie!

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