Here’s an experiment for you, blog readers.  Take your left hand and hold it out in front of you (if you are a guy, imagine your hand being a little more lady-like).  Now take your right hand and hold your thumb and index finger so that you have an inch and a half measured and move it over to your left hand.  Now visualize a brownie that big.  That’s what I ate today AFTER I ate a wrap, cup of soup and bag of chips.  Yep, I ate a thick gooey brownie that was literally the size of my hand.  And I LOVED every single delicious bite of it while I was eating it, but within like 5 minutes after I finished, I started feeling sick.  Thinking about it, it really would have been dessert enough for 8 people!  It was from a local deli and it cost 3 bucks, so maybe it was meant for more people.  Hmmmm.  Luckily I’ll be doing something longer and possibly faster tomorrow and this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Deliciousness!

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