I kicked the TM’s a$$!

4.75 miles in 46:00 (9:42 pace).  That’s what I did yesterday and it was one of the most kick-ass runs I’ve had in a long time.  I know what you are thinking.  That doesn’t LOOK impressive.  It’s not that far.  And it’s kind of slow.  But it IS impressive, for me.  Why?  It was on the treadmill (which you KNOW I can’t stand and rarely do).  And I maintained pace the whole time without having to slow.  And 4 miles of it was hilly.  Super hilly.  To keep myself from dying of boredom I started at incline of 2 and went all the way up to incline of 8.5 (in intervals of .15 mile), then back down to 2 for short recovery, then back up to 8.5 (in .1o mile increments), then back down, then back up to 8.5 (in 30 second and 15 second increments).  And I felt fabulous the whole time.  And I sweated like a serious pig.  My face was bright pink and my hair was wet like I had showered (from sweat).  I was gonna take a picture of it, but figured taking a picture on my phone in the  locker room was kind of creepy and might get me in trouble!  What I love about this run was it gave me an idea of my progress.  (The week before Little Rock training, I did 3 miles on TM, with 2 of them hilly, at a slower pace and not as much of an incline).  With doing most of my runs on the slippery snowy roads, it’s been hard to gauge my progress.  So this was a much-needed confidence builder.  Yipee!

2 thoughts on “I kicked the TM’s a$$!

  1. Incline of 8.5? Holy cow, that’s intense!

    I have a great giveaway going on right now that might help with those slipper snowy roads, if you’re interested!

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