Clearing away the muddle

“Running is one the best solutions to a clear mind.” Sasha Azevedo
So true.  I missed my morning run this morning because of lack of sleep last night and extreme cold this morning.  And boy is my mind muddled up.  I am so looking forward to running this afternoon (even though it will be inside at the gym) because my mind definitely needs some clearing!

Anyone know who Sasha Azevedo is?  I don’t, but we are of the same mindset, so I can tell I’d like her!

5 thoughts on “Clearing away the muddle

  1. I’m the same, muddled mind is no way to spend the day. Got my fix in last night and this morning 🙂

    BTW, looks like Sasha is an actress

  2. Julie

    It is so true how a run can just make things feel right. I can have the worst day, feel like crap and just be off….but a run can bring me back to normal:)

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