The non-resolution post

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.  The few times I’ve tried them, they end up majorly back firing.  I end up sticking with them for a few days, then start to slip, then feel guilty about slipping, then end up saying screw it and binging on whatever I gave up or doing the complete opposite of what I resolved to do.

Instead, it seems like my whole year is little mini-periods of resolutions.  When I see something that I need to work on, whether it’s fitness-wise, life-wise or other-wise, I just resolve to change it.  And that seems to work ok for me.

So, if you were hoping my first post of the New Year would be all about my resolutions, sorry to disappoint.

Training this week was just ok.  Felt very weird to cram so much in at the beginning of the week, then be a slug, then pick things back up.  I was happy that the weather and life cooperated today for me to get the scheduled 11 miler in.  Didn’t end up having time this week for weights, which I’m hoping to get back into this week.

Little Rock Training, week #4 recap:

Miles run:  46.7; pilates:  2 times; Snowshoeing: 20 minutes; Just Dance 2:  tons!

  • M: 3.1 miles (10:01)
  • T: 10.1 miles (8:44 w/ 5 at tempo of 7:50ish)
  • W: 17 miles (9:22); pilates (abs)
  • Th: 4 miles (10:51); Just Dance 2 with the family!
  • F: 1.3 miles (11:53; soooooo icy and treacherous – had to stop); snowshoe; Just Dance 2!
  • Sa: rest
  • Su: 11 miles (9:27)

4 thoughts on “The non-resolution post

  1. Julie

    I am not so good with the resolution thing. Last year I had so many goals on my list….I bit off way more than I could chew:) This year I think I only am putting a few things on my list. Wish me luck:)

    You are doing so well with your running and training…I could of used some of your determination over the month of December! Keep it up!

    As far as Wobegon and the Biffy rest points…I can’t remember but I can ask the race director and find out for you.

    Happy New Year!

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