Make Today Count

Someone I follow on Twitter tweeted “Make Today Count” yesterday.  I liked it.  So I put those words on a bright pink post it and stuck it to my laptop and tried to follow it yesterday.  And today.  And I’ll try to follow it tomorrow.  You get the idea.  Love it!

So, in keeping with my new mantra, I got up at 4:30 and ran 17.1 miles.  Yipee!  Very good feeling to have my weekly long run out of the way on Wednesday!  If I was gonna do it at all, it had to be today since we are in for nasty weather the next couple of days and New Year’s plans will prevent long runs this weekend.

So how did it go?  It sucked.  The beginning part was ok (aside from the dreaded GI issues at 6.75 miles), but by mile 12 I just wanted it to be done.  I started getting a hot spot on my right foot that was bugging.  I was tired.  I was thinking about my morning coffee.  I was too warm (it was 26 degrees; heatwave!).  I started having negative thoughts and seriously questioning the sanity of running so far.  I kept thinking about having 5 more miles and it just seemed so far and so boring and so hard.  I was gonna quit, but the mantra “Make Today Count” kept me going.  To show you how sucky it was by the end, compare my paces for the first 4 miles:  9:09; 8:58; 9:07; 8:51 to my paces for the last 4 miles:  9:54; 10:12; 10:08; 10:20.   Ugggg.  I was dragging.

So, what happened to make this such a sucky run?  Easy.  Here is my schedule since Sunday:

  • Sunday:  16 miles w/ 10 at MP (8:23ish)
  • Monday:  3 miles
  • Tuesday:  10 miles w/ 5 at tempo (7:50ish); pilates
  • Wednesday:  17 miles

Just too much quality crammed too close together.  I fueled and hydrated properly yesterday, got enough sleep, etc.  I guarantee if this wasn’t such a crazy week and I had been able to do the LR this weekend, it would have felt better. Oh well.  It’s done.  And I feel fine now – didn’t hurt anything or overuse anything.  If anything, I think doing these few hard workouts in a row will be good for me, mentally.

So, blog readers, test out my mantra tomorrow and let me know what you think!  (I made today count for other work and life stuff too!)

4 thoughts on “Make Today Count

  1. I think I’m going to adopt that myself as well! I’ve been in a semi-lazy funk and I need to jump start the engines again.

  2. Lora

    Love it. It’s just like what my dad has said my whole life: Earn Your Shower.

    I’ve heard it and learned it and think about it every day. Earn your shower. Make today count. Same concept. 🙂

    Go for it!

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