Little Rock Training, week #3

Anyone get any fun running stuff for Christmas?  The only running stuff I got was socks and sport beans.  BUT – I got a super fun cross-training gift.  Snowshoes!  They were from me, to me!  He he he.  Actually it’s not as selfish as it sounds.  I got them for me and for The Husband, so that we can start doing something outdoors together.  We tried them out on Christmas day and they were fun.  A different sort of workout, more lifting of the legs than when I run.  Should come in handy with the tons of snow that we have in Minnesota so far this winter.

I can’t believe how tired and sore my legs are from my long run today.  They haven’t felt like this after a long run in ages.  I did 16 miles, with 10 at marathon pace (8:16 – 8:38).  The first 7 of the MP miles were on rolling hills, so I’m pretty sure that’s what is making me hurt.  (Could also be that the bulk of my miles have been slooooow because of the footing, so maybe just going faster at MP is making me hurt too).

Little Rock training, week #3

Miles run:  44.9; Biking:  70 minutes; Stairmaster: 20 minutes; Pilates: 2 times; Weights: 2 times; snowshoeing: 30 minutes; Just Dance 2:  60+ minutes (very fun!)

  • M: 5 miles (10:27); bike 40 min.; weights
  • T: 4.7 miles (10:37); pilates (abs, buns & thighs)
  • W: 8 miles (9:01)
  • Th: bike 30 min.; stairs 20 min.; weights
  • F: 11.2 miles (9:55); pilates (abs)
  • Sa: snowshoeing; pilates; Just Dance 2!
  • Su: 16 miles (8:54; w/ 10 at MP 8:18-8:38)

It’ll be interesting to see how this training translates in to racing with most of my runs being ultra slow because of the snowy/icy conditions.

Oh – on my run this morning I hit 2000 miles for the year.  This week is gonna be front-loaded because of New Years plans, so mileage should end up at 2025+

2 thoughts on “Little Rock Training, week #3

  1. LOVE snowshoeing!! I got a pair a few years ago and my husband and I break them out every December when we visit his family in Western Massachusetts. There’s not much better than hiking in the snow for hours with our dogs.

    We got major snow in Philly today, and tonight took to the trails to test out our latest winter gear acquisition: microspikes, won for placing third in a race earlier this fall. They kind of like yaktrax on steroids – perfect for running in the snow and ice!

  2. Dan

    i always love reading your enthusiasm in your posts. keep up that cross training! it sounds great and WILL pay huge dividends (faster times and/or longevity of your running). i’ll send you my running mojo for Little Rock – mine has been shelved for a while.


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