Whew!  Made it through a crazy, busy week – filled with work craziness, holiday parties (one at our house, which meant lots of house cleaning, shopping, baking, etc), martini madness, holiday shopping, lots of kids’ activities AND lots of running.  There was one evening when I thought about all that I needed to get done in the next couple days and I literally thought it would be impossible.  Instead of panicking, I prioritized, took one thing at a time and worked my way through my list of stuff.  And it somehow all got done.  And I actually had one of the best weekends in a long time to boot!

Little Rock Training, Week #2

Miles Run: 48; Pilates: 3 times; Weights:  1 time; Biking: 45 minutes

  • M: Bike 45 minutes, weights
  • T: 4.5 miles (9:50)
  • W: 9 miles (9:12; w/ 4 miles at tempo 7:59ish); pilates (advanced)
  • Th: 5.2 miles (10:32); pilates (abs)
  • F: 16 miles (9:11) (w/ 3 miles hilly)
  • Sa: 6 miles (9:57) (w/ 10 hill sprints)
  • Su: 7.2 miles (8:46); pilates (abs)

I feel pretty happy with the training this week.  I didn’t end up having time for a mid-week 11 miler, but I made the tempo run and the long run a mile longer than the plan called for, and I still got the total weekly mileage as high as I wanted it to be.  The roads have been greasier than they were last week, which you can see has really slowed down my pace on some of the runs.  I’d rather slow it down so I can watch my footing than end up going faster and land on my butt!  Today’s run was unexpectedly great feeling.  I found a stretch of road that was clear, so I didn’t have to worry about the footing and could just let my legs go the speed they wanted to.  Not bad to crank out 7 miles at 8:46 pace after a night of martinis, beers and loads of holiday goodies!

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