Tempo Wednesday

Doesn’t have quite the same ring as Tempo Tuesday, does it?

I survived the tempo run.  The biggest challenge for it was the footing.  Packed snow on the roads, and lots of sand, but some areas where there wasn’t enough sand and it was icy.  So I found myself holding back a little at times because of the footing.  Which would then make me need to speed up to try to keep within the range that I wanted to be.  So it wasn’t smooth.  In fact, it was a bit crazy how I fluctuated in pace just to keep within range.  But it’s done.  9 miles w/ 4 miles at tempo (7:58, 7:59, 7:58, 8:01).  I had been trying to keep it under 8:00 (but was really hoping for something closer to 7:45).  I could blame the inability to get much below 8:00 on the footing, the crap I consumed last night, or the weather (balmy 10 degrees with -2 windchill!), but the truth is I don’t think I’m in that kind of shape.  Yet.

I did the advanced pilates DVD (mostly because it packs a bigger mix of things into a smaller amount of time) tonight.  My son’s comment when he walked by the room:  “Mom, you don’t look anything like they do when you do that.  You look ridiculous.”   Nice.  And THAT is exactly why I only do this sort of thing in the privacy of my own living room and why I will never take a class!

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