Holy Crap!

I consumed a massive amount of crap today, including, but definitely not limited to:  3 slices of original crust canadian bacon and pineapple dominos pizza (what? pineapple is healthy, right?); 4 pieces of Dove dark chocolate (what? DARK chocolate is good for the heart, right?); hot chocolate (come on, it was sub-zero out, I needed to warm up!); 36 ounces of beer (what?  It was light beer, that’s ok, right?); 6 boneless teriakyi wings from BW3 (what? protein is good for my training, right?); a thing full of those delicious buffalo chip fries from BW3 (what?  fries are carbs, which are also good for my training, right?); and 5 jumbo sugar cookies (ok, I’ll admit it, there was NOTHING even arguably good for me with tho se, but they tasted pretty dang good).

Should be interesting to see how this crap affects my planned tempo run in the morning!

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