Little Rock Training, week #1

Week one of Little Rock Marathon training is in the books.   I’m really happy with how the week went.  With a little advance planning and bravery, I hit all my planned runs.  Well, except adding on 10x100m striders to the end of one run.  I didn’t do that because it wasn’t worth risking slipping on an icy patch to get some striders in.

So, here’s the week:

Miles Run:  44.9; Weights:  1 times; Pilates:  3 times.

  • M: 8 miles (9:16); pilates (abs, buns & thighs)
  • T:  5 miles (9:34)
  • W:  3.1 miles (hills on TM); weights; pilates (abs)
  • Th:  9 miles (9:20)
  • F:  13 miles (8:56; 8 at MP of 8:22-8:37)
  • Sa:  .75 miles (11:05 blizzard fun run); pilates (abs); lots of shoveling
  • Su:  6 miles (10:05)

I also did random core stuff while watching tv throughout the week.  The hill workout felt easier than the 3 hilly miles I did on the TM last week.  I’m hoping to increase the hill grade and distance a bit each week during training.  All in all, the week was a success!

3 thoughts on “Little Rock Training, week #1

  1. 45 miles in Week One – nice! How high do you usually take it for marathon training?

    I’m a huge fan of core work in front of the TV – best way to rationalize a couple episodes of guilty pleasures.

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