Post Blizzard Run, in pictures

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For perspective, I’m 5 feet 6.5 inches (I used to be 5’7″, but I’m shrinking).  2 degrees, -20 windchill.  But sunny and a fabulous 6 miles run!

6 thoughts on “Post Blizzard Run, in pictures

    1. Abby –

      I’d never done it before. I pressed the little image icon at the top, uploaded photos from my computer and they went into a “gallery”. Then I had the option to publish a gallery or publish a slideshow. I picked slideshow and voila! Not sure what the gallery would have done.

  1. Dan

    you can keep it, for now. please. actually, like i said to RIL, send it now if you want but not in a few weeks when i’m hopefully back at it. that’s a lot of white stuff. we would have had something similar here but it was 50*, not 20*.
    at least you’ll have a white christmas!


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