A challenge!

“Growing Potential for Saturday Blizzard – Subzero Sunday”

* Second, much more significant snowfall late Friday night into Saturday. Unlike today’s wet, slushy (icy) snowfall, Saturday’s snow will be dry/powdery/fluffy – quick to accumulate, prone to blowing and drifting by afternoon and evening, especially outside the metro area. Potential for over 12″ close to home.

* Dangerously cold weather arrives over the weekend – wind chills dip into the -20 to -35 range by Saturday night and Sunday. Highs will not climb above zero across much of Minnesota Sunday and Monday, including the metro area.

This is the kind of headline/forecast that pisses me off, and will make squeezing in a 13 mile (w/ 8 at MP) run difficult this weekend.  Training for a marathon in the Minnesota winter is going to be challenging for sure!

2 thoughts on “A challenge!

  1. Yes, you are a badass!

    Be careful in the cold, though. A MP run in -35 with ice/snow might kill you, a MP run on the ‘mill won’t (even though you think it might).

  2. Ha! I’m not crazy enough to attempt either. I’ll delay the MP run if its in -any degrees, and there is NO WAY I would survive 13 of any kind of miles on the TM! I’ll just do it next week. No worries.

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