Kicking off training soon!

I am super excited and super ready to “officially” start the 12 week training program on Monday.  I’ll be doing the Pfitz 12/55 program again.  When I used it for TCM, I added in 2 extra days of easy running on most weeks (the plan itself usually has 2 – 3 rest/cross days a week).   This time I plan on modifying it as follows:

  • Add 1 day of hill training.  (3 – 5 miles). If weather allows, I’ll do it outside (either going to hilly neighborhood and just doing easy miles, or finding steeper hill and doing sprint repeats).  If weather sucks, I’ll do it on TM at Gold’s.  As you know, I HATE the treadmill.  It is so flippin boring and I sweat horrendously on it (which just sucks because when I use the TM  it’s on my lunch hour and I usually need to look decent for client junk/court).  But, I think I could stand the TM if I was doing something besides just running the same pace.  So I could stand hills.  I just may need to start doing it at the end of my work day because of my sweat issues.
  • Add another day of easy running. (5 – 7 miles).
  • Focus on core strengthening stuff.  I’m not going to commit to doing it a certain number of days a week, or minutes a day.  I don’t want to feel overwhelmed and like I HAVE to do a certain amount.  I’m just going to make a point to do it while I’m sitting around watching tv with the kids or whatever.  It is so much easier for me to do this in the winter (when I just get into my PJ’s right after work and don’t go out at all after 5:00 p.m. unless necessary!).
  • Do pilates a couple times a week.  Yes, I’m going to try it again.  I think it will be easier to commit this time because my daughter has started doing the pilates DVDs, so I will have someone to do them with.  I also think the flexibility and strength it gives me will be good for me.  (And it’s something that I can do on the super icy/stormy days where I won’t be able to run).
  • I’m going to extend the long runs a bit.  There are only two 20 milers.  I will extend one of them to be a 22 miler.  I did that last time for TCM (and previous marathons).  It is something that helps me psychologically and isn’t too taxing on the body physically.  The next longest run is a 17 miler (a couple of them).  I will make one of the 17 milers an 18 or 19 miler.
  • Races:  Pfitz has two tune up races (8k-15k) in the last 5weeks of the schedule.  This will be a problem, since it will fall the last week in January and mid-February and there aren’t really any races of those distances in Minnesota at that time.  So, I’ll either jump in a 5k if there is one (and them maybe “race” an extra couple miles), or else just add in an extra faster-than-tempo-type-run in place of the races.

Looking at that, it really is me just loosely following Pfitz 12/55, then.  Which is good.  Flexibility is going to be key in training for this marathon, since the Minnesota winter weather may try to mess with my training!

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