Little Rock, Here I Come!

I registered for the Little Rock Marathon.  Yes, in Arkansas.  Really.



  • After a short break I am really motivated and ready to start training again.   I love training.  I love being in ultra-good shape.  I want to get back at it.  Now!
  • I liked the 12 week Pfitz plan I did last time, so I wanted one that was at least 12 weeks away.  When I looked a few days ago, Little Rock was 13 weeks away – on March 6, 2011.
  • I liked the timing of this because it will allow me to race Little Rock, take a few weeks as a break (which coincides with our spring break trip with the kids), and then do a 12 week training program for Grandmas.  Perfect.
  • Napa Marathon was also March 6th.  I know what you are thinking:  Why in the world would you pick Arkansas over California??!   Easy.  It’s much cheaper (flight and hotel should cost me about $500 tops).  It’s easier to get to (therefore less time off work, no hassle with car rental).  And I can’t picture myself ever wanting to go to Arkansas for any other reason, whereas I go to California for vacations all the time.  So Arkansas it is.
  • World’s Largest Finisher Medal.  Seriously.  Look at this beast of a medal. 7 3/4 inches long x 6 inches wide.  So even if I end up with a crappy race, at least I’ll have a big medal.
  • Weather should be decent racing weather.  Typically 40’s to start, 60’s to finish.
  • Course looks decent.  2nd 1/2 is apparently a little more challenging with a 2 mile hill at mile 15, and mini-evil hills at mile 25.  But I actually welcome the challenge and want to do some hill specific training this time.  I need to get back into lifting and doing hill stuff.  So this is perfect!

Anyone else in for Little Rock Marathon 2011?

3 thoughts on “Little Rock, Here I Come!

  1. Yes, do it! We’ll convince Lora to do it and it’ll be a mini-reunion!

    Another fun thing they have is at mile 25, Loreal sponsors a lipstick stand, with lipstick samples so you can look pretty for your finish line photo. Funny. If I’m having a really crappy day, I’d for sure stop for some bright pink lipstick!

    1. lora

      I might need to seriously consider this. It would have to be the half, though — I don’t think my calf is ready to start marathon training. Like you said, what other reason would I ever have to go to Arkansas?

      Funny — my dad used to work for L’Oreal. As a kid, I had more cosmetics than I ever knew (or still even now know) what to do with!

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