Only in the running community . . .

“Saw this article and thought of you.”

That’s how an email that I received Sunday started out.  Oh good, wonder what the article is about?  Maybe “Kick-Ass Entrepreneurs Under Age 40“?  Or maybe “Hot Marathon Moms:  How They Do It All“?  I couldn’t wait to click on the link and see what came to mind when a 40 something male runner type thought of me.

Ummmm, no.  The article was “Fast And Gluten Free” and was sent to me because the sender read about runners with loose bowels GI distress issues and immediately thought of me.  Great.

Did I mention that I’d only met the sender in real life a hand full of times??  Only in the running community are we comfortable enough to talk with eachother about such personal issues.  I can’t imagine a co-worker, church friend or opposing counsel sending me tips to deal with GI issues!

Anyway, the article hits home.  I have GI issues when I run.  Randomly.  Unpredictably.  Sometimes during easy workouts.  Sometimes during hard workouts.  Sometimes in races.  Sometimes not at all.  I thought maybe it had to do with dairy, so I have eliminated dairy the night before hard workouts and races, and that does seem to help a bit.  But it hasn’t entirely eliminated my “issues”.   I have a nephew with Celiac disease.  I’ve often thought about getting tested for it, because I do have weird stomach issues (even non-running related).  I haven’t attempted to correlate the issues with gluten.  Mostly because I love gluten.  I love pasta, bread, cookies, cakes and beer.  Life without gluten would be challenging for me!  But, the article made me realize I could live without gluten if I had to (particularly if it fixed all my GI issues – running and non-running related).  So I may give it a try soon and phase out gluten on my own to see if things improve, or go in and get tested for it.

Here’s hoping that the next time someone is inspired to send an article that reminds them of me, it’s a little less embarrassing and a little more exciting!

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