Top 10 Running Things I’m Thankful For in 2010

  1. That my 13 year old daughter has discovered that she loves running (on her own, with no pressure from me!).  Yipee!  This has been the best running related news of the year.  It has given me a bonding opportunity with her, during what are already challenging teenage years.
  2. That I got the opportunity to run the CU Illinois Marathon in May and meet Lora and Maria, my imaginary-turned-real-life-running-friends.  Even if the marathon itself sucked (another scorcher!), it was a great weekend.
  3. That I FINALLY had a good marathon experience for marathon #5, Twin Cities Marathon, in October.  The stars aligned.  I dug deep when I needed to.  It was a great day!
  4. That I BQ’ed for 2012!  (Hopefully.  Anyone hear what the race directors are doing about 2012 qualification standards yet?)
  5. That after losing my running mojo post-TCM, it has come back and I have now had 2 weeks of kick-ass runs, running when I want to, at the pace I want to and for the reasons I want to.
  6. That the Shoe Whisperer cured my right-foot-fall-asleep-hurty-issues.  I love that woman.  She is a miracle worker.
  7. That my family supports my running and understands when I leave them for 4+ hours on a weekend morning to get my long run in.  They are the best.
  8. That I resumed public blogging.  I love writing.  Knowing that there are readers of my blog who are actually interested in what I have to say about running, and the progress I am making with my running, is inspiring to me.
  9. That I got to run in different places this year:  Vail, CO;  Miami, FL;  a cruise ship; Champaign, IL; Scotts Valley, CA; San Jose, CA; Seattle, WA; and Waukon, IA!  I love running in different cities.  Such a great way to see the city.
  10. And most of all, that I am healthy and can still run.  I don’t know how I’d manage if I couldn’t run.  I saw a quote on twitter today that I love and that is so true for me:  “Running is my private time, my therapy, my religion.” Kislevitz

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Running Things I’m Thankful For in 2010

  1. I’m so thankful to have finally had the chance to meet and run with you too! Would love to get up to MN for a race in 2011 as well. Happy Thanksgiving Cindi!

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