Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts About the Week:

  • NYC Marathon today was so inspiring!  I was rooting for Shalane Flanagan.  Simply amazing that she ran that fast on her debut marathon.  And what about the Chilean miner?  Good for him!
  • Big ups to Maria who finished NYC Marathon today.  Haven’t heard details yet, other than that she finished around 4:20 and had fun.  Maria trains harder than anyone I know and is super deserving of having a speedy marathon time.  2011 is gonna be her year for sure!
  • If I were trapped in a mine or similar, I’d run too.  I thought about that when I was reading the book Room.  Even if it was a 12 x 12 room, I’d run.
  • The half marathon training was going well this week until the weekend.  Couldn’t get my 11 miles done.  Yesterday I was too lazy.  Today I had weird left foot issues and had to cut it short at mile 7.  Grrrr.
  • I’m super bored thinking about the half marathon.  I might need to find something else to keep me entertained til I can start training for a spring marathon.  Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. missy

    1. i thought you were going to restart low heartrate running? how about some fun shorter races in the meantime? (maybe not the 5k – lol)

    2. sorry to hear about the weird foot issue – hope it goes away quickly!

    3. i was also rooting for shalane and was just so inspired today. she is so fierce. she never gave up. i hope i run my next race like that regardless of what shape i’m in.

    4. from a few posts back, i retired from racing 5ks about 1.5 years ago. theres something about being in so much pain and oxygen debt that you can’t strategize or change strategies mid-race which i don’t like. i like being able to do that.. but with the 5k you simply cannot. there is no time to think. or breathe.

    5. have i ever told you how much i admire you? its so cool to see women like you running strong and fast while balancing a career and family – i want to be like you when i grow up 🙂

    6. i wish we lived closer. you’re someone i’d love to go out on a nice long run with and just chat it up. we’d have a lot to talk about despite never having met – lol.

    1. Awww, you are so sweet Missy! One of these times I’ll run New York, then we can meet IRL. I don’t have the patience right now for the low heart rate stuff. I will do some 5ks though, even though they suck!

  2. It means the world to me to have someone like you “on my side” and rooting for me! NYCM is such a great race experience, I hope you can make it out to run it at least once — every runner should! And while I savored every second of every mile on Sunday it’s good to have to behind me and the official “reset” button hit. Now on to some speed for the spring! Going to run Surf City with 5 of my other siblings, half running the half and half running the full.

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