Next up: Frozen Half!

Isn’t Norah the cutest Halloween Turtle ever?!  She looks thrilled,  huh?


I finally decided on the next race: the Securian Frozen Half Marathon.

Who else is doing the Frozen Half?

Why a half marathon?  I want to stay married and training and flying to Florida or California to run a winter marathon won’t help that cause. I figured giving my body (and mind) a break from the long runs and high mileage weeks will be good for me in the winter.  Half marathon training still should give me the miles and speedwork that I want to do, but it will also allow me to stay sane through the holidays, focus on the new business and work on strength and flexibility stuff in this off-season.

It’s on Saturday, January 29, 2011.   The plan I found is a 15 week plan, but I’ll just jump in tomorrow, with 13 weeks to go. That’s longer than I trained for my last marathon, but I figure with the holidays in there I’ll slack off a bit.  Plus, even though this will be a “goal race” in the sense that it is the race I’m training for, it won’t be a goal race in terms of having expectations of beating my PR (1:44:44).  Why?  It’s on January 29th.  In Minnesota.  Need I say more?  Yep, there is a decent chance it will be: 1) icy, 2) below zero, 3) snowing, 4) shortened from a Half Marathon to a shorter distance if the weather completely sucks, or 5) all of the above.  So, I’ll train for it as if I’m gonna race it and get a PR, but I won’t get my hopes up because anything could happen with the weather.

The plan I’m going to follow is from Pfitz’ Road Racing For Serious Runners.  It’s a 15k to HM plan with 30-50 mpw.  I like it because it is set up like how Daniels’ plans are in that it just tells you 2 or 3 workouts to get in during the week and then you just fill in the rest of the days with enough running to meet the weekly mileage goal.  Very flexible, which is necessary with Minnesota winter weather and my job and life craziness.


In other exciting news, this was a great week of fitness:

  • I ran my first double digit run today since Twin Cities.  10.3 miles.  Woot!
  • Did pilates FIVE times this week!  Woot!
  • Highest mileage week since Twin Cities:  36.2 miles.
  • Limited myself to just a dozen Halloween treats so far.

4 thoughts on “Next up: Frozen Half!

  1. Julie

    OMG! Your dog looks adorable dressed up as a turtle:) My four year old is going to be a turtle too. He is going to be the teenage mutant ninja variety:)

    Yes, I am going to do the freaking frozen half again! Last year it wasn’t that cold but it was sleeting. It was my first and I thought that it was tough. I am pretty sure that this year it will be worse in terms of temps. You have such a great half marathon time…in my dreams:)

  2. Dogs almost always look miserable in their costumes, don’t they?

    Sounds like your race plan is a solid one… including the knowledge that the race may be out of your control.

  3. Oh My-that dog is WAY too cute! I almost did that race last year but everything revolves around hockey schedules in the winter for me and it didn’t work out! Sounds like a good plan you have. Only a dozen halloween treats -C’mon!! I’ve got a serious candy hangover here….

  4. Fun! I think my next cycle will be towards a HM as well, probably Surf City as several of my siblings are also planning to run it. Curious how coach will set up the training but I’d like to still hit higher mileage despite the lesser distance.

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