Newsflash: 5ks suck

You’d think a 5k would be easier than a marathon, but not for me.  I raced  a 5k this morning and it hurt.  I took off way to fast (5:45 pace when I looked down at garmin about a tenth of a mile in) in an effort to keep up with the young cross country guys.  Not happening.  Then about 1/2 mile in there was a big evil hill.  Followed by more hills for the entire 5k.  Yuck.  The thing that I don’t like about 5ks is that they hurt my lungs.  My lungs were burning today (and not in a good way).  Pretty much the entire time I wanted to quit.  I can handle aches and pains in the body during a marathon because I’m aerobically ok at the slower pace.  The weird thing was that today was still over 2 minutes slower than my 5k PR, and it hurt really bad.  Am I that out of shape?  Was it the cookies and beers last night? Was it the hilly course?  Did going out that fast totally blow it for the rest of the race? Or are 5ks just meant to be torture?  Despite feeling like crap the entire time, I finished 3rd female with 24:4x.   Obviously not a huge crowd if I was able to place!

Big shout out to Mindi who rocked the Haunted Hustle Half Marathon in Wisconsin today!

4 thoughts on “Newsflash: 5ks suck

  1. Julie

    Congrats on your 2nd place age group win! Ha ha, 5Ks are hard for me too:) Last year that is pretty much all that I ran and I liked them better than a 10K. My current favorite distance is now the 10 mile.

    Nice job!

  2. I agree – 5ks are tough races. Running short distances at full speed are so much more difficult than running longer distances slower. But, I love that I can get a great workout in such a short amount of time, and if you train specifically for a 5k it feels so much easier than it does when coming off marathon training.

    I’m guessing that running this race on a cross country course made it more difficult than it might have been out on the roads. I’m not sure I’d ever run a XC course.

    Nice job and congrats on the overall finish! (It all counts.)

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