Spoke too soon?!

So did I speak too soon in assuming I qualified for Boston for 2012??  In light of the lightning fast registration for Boston 2011 yesterday (filling 26,000 slots in 8 hours, versus in 2 months last year and something like 5 months the previous year), there is talk that BAA will be changing something for 2012.  Maybe the registration process.  Maybe tightening up the qualification standards.  Maybe raise the entry fee.  Maybe a combination of all of these.  We’ll see.  Whatever they decided to do, I hope they announce it soon so that people can plan.  You all know what a planner I am.  It would be nice to know if I have to whip out a faster marathon time to qualify for 2012!

4 thoughts on “Spoke too soon?!

  1. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere, yesterday, that the current qualifying standards would remain in tact through 2012, any possible changes would be rolled out in anticipation of the 2013 race. Let me dig around to find the references (I saw two) to that end.

    1. I don’t know, Maria, I think based on the press release video from the head BAA dude, that I’ll be screwed for 2012 based on my previous time. I bet they tighten the standards a bit, increase the field a bit (or decrease some of the charity runners), or something. I’m not super worried though – I feel like I have something faster in me and I have a year to do it. Otherwise there will be different years. Or not. And all will still be good! 🙂

  2. Totally true, no one really knows for sure. And I know that neither you nor I will ride along on a wave of certainty knowing we have better races in us. Keep up the great work – hope you figure out a plan for the spring soon 😉

  3. Cindi – it will be interesting to see what they do. I bet they will make the standards harder, but I can’t imagine they would do it for 2011 either and put people like you in a qualifying to non-qualifying position. They would get an awful lot of backlash for that.

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