Back to Reality

What a great city!  Seattle was very cool.  So much to do.  Loads of good food, good drinks and good times with the Girls.  We even lucked out with the weather.  It was gray and rainy when our plane landed Thursday night, but then the sun came out and it was 50’s and sunny (but windy!) for the rest of the weekend.  I ran with one of the Girls Friday morning along the waterfront and into Elliot Park.  5.6 miles total.  Did tons of walking and a little biking at the hotel fitness center before the plane took off Sunday morning.

Ended up with 21.5 miles for recovery week #2.  Not sure what the deal is with my paces, but they are faster all of the sudden.  Like at MP, but feeling like it’s just easy running.  Maybe because I’m not piling on the miles, so the runs are easier?  I’m going a little crazy not having a plan for a spring marathon.  Goal for this week is to pick a marathon and get it on the books!

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