To follow up about running just one marathon . . .

Did anyone hear about the guy who ran Chicago Marathon last weekend with virtually no training (just biking to/from work – not sure how far?), just to see if he could do it.  He says he plans on it being his first and last marathon.   Link to article here: UPI NewsTrack Quirks in the News | St. Louis Globe-Democrat

I’d consider him a bucket-lister!

2 thoughts on “To follow up about running just one marathon . . .

  1. lora

    I read about that when the Illinois Marathon posted it on FB. I think it’s irresponsible and misleading for ANY media outlet to make this news. I have zero tolerance for people who don’t respect the 26.2 distance — it’s not just about that day. With the biking he was doing, covering 26.2 miles in 13:30+ minute/mile pace isn’t a stretch. Good for him for completing the marathon. Shame on anyone who promotes it as a good thing, and misleads people into thinking anyone can do that or should do that.

    Sorry, that’s just my opinion.

  2. lora

    * Let me add that I agree — he’s obviously a bucket-lister. I don’t hold that against him. My frustration is with anyone who promotes this as a, “See, anyone can do it” type story.

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