Kona: Crazy!

Did anyone else watch Kona Ironman this weekend?  The physical and mental challenge of that whole thing is just amazing to me.  I don’t swim at all and the only biking I do is a bit on the stationary bike, for easy cross training.  So I don’t understand when I hear about swim or bike distances or pacing, but I assume what they do for swimming and biking in Ironman is the equivalent of running a marathon.  Right?  So to then run a marathon AFTER all that is just insane!  Makes me feel like a wimp for just running a marathon.  I’ve been following Frayed Laces‘ blog for a couple years, since back when she was just trying to qualify for Boston.  She did Kona yesterday in 11 hours AND is doing Florida Iron Man in less than a month!  Crazy!  And inspring!

My recovery week ended up being good.  Got a few easy paced runs in at the end of the week and I feel really good.  Left hamstring and right calf were a little tweaky after the first two runs, but they felt good on my “long” run today.  Whew!  Ended up with the recovery week looking like this:

  • M: Walk 2 miles
  • T:  Bike 30 min.
  • W: Walk 10 minutes
  • Th: rest
  • Th: 4 miles (10:13)
  • F: 5 miles (9:28)
  • S: 7.6 (9:53)

Weekly run total:  16.6 miles.  Woot!

Still trying to figure out a plan for what to do now.  Stay tuned!



One thought on “Kona: Crazy!

  1. lora

    It is crazy. And super inspiring to watch in person.
    Yesterday, I was tracking/cheering on one of the women who posts on my blog. Tough day for her, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

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