Recovering and Planning!

Jeez, everything about Marathon #5 has been better than previous ones, including the recovery.  I feel really good.  Here’s how the week has looked so far:

  • Sunday evening:  just a little sore.  Not too bad.
  • Monday:  a little sore, most noticeable when I walk down stairs, but not bad.  Walked about 2 miles total.
  • Tuesday: more sore.  (Which is normal, from what I understand, to be more sore 2 days later).  Mostly just a little pain/tightness in the hamstrings and a bit in the quads. Biked 30 minutes.
  • Wednesday: I feel almost completely normal.  A little tightness in hamstrings. No pain.  Walked about 10 minutes.

I’ll either continue with cross-training and rest or just do some easy running the rest of the week.

I went back and read my blog entries and runningahead log entries from after each of my marathons for comparison.  After my first marathon I was literally crying and wimpering in pain during the night.  This time I slept like a baby!  I suppose your body just adjusts and gets used to things?  It seems like if I I’m not sore, maybe I didn’t push myself hard enough?  I think I did the fastest that I could do on Sunday, but I think I have faster in me (especially if there wasn’t an evil hill from miles 21 – 23!)

I’ve spent alot of time this week trying to figure out a plan for what to do next.  I function so much better when I have a plan! Lots of ideas floating around in my head, but I haven’t come up with anything definitive yet.  I feel like I should take a break from marathons so I don’t get burned out or injured, but I don’t want to (and my body doesn’t feel like it needs to take a break).  I loved, loved, loved everything about training for and running Twin Cities, and I want to do it again!  Soon.  So I’ve started looking at marathon options for next year (don’t worry, I’m not planning one for this year!).  I’m also looking at some shorter distance races (half marathons) and tossing around idea of doing half marathons in the spring and then a Fall marathon.  But that doesn’t sound as exciting to me!  Finally, I’m thinking of returning to low heart rate running for a couple months (from now til January, if I can stand it that long!).  Lots of options.  We’ll see how I feel after I start running again this week.

What marathons are people running next year?

2 thoughts on “Recovering and Planning!

  1. Julie

    You sound like you are doing pretty good and recovering fast! I am actually doing well too:) I was a little sore the two days after but I am totally fine today. If you are looking for a nice easy flat course in Minnesota…there is the Wobegon Marathon. So many people fly in from other states so that they can BQ. You will take minutes off of your TC time:) It is a pretty course but a very small marathon. I think that there were maybe 300 total runners. I believe this marathon is in early May. You can google it and check it out. I loved running my half marathons this spring and summer. I really think that it helped me so much to prepare for TC. Good luck with your planning and training!

  2. Ohhhh – I just looked up the details on that one and it’s a definite possibility. Close to home. Good time of year. Cheap. Flat. I had seen it last year but blew it off because of the name (Lake Wobegone TRAIL marathon – the trail thing scared me). Now I see it’s a mostly paved trail. That would be quite a different experience to run one where the field is limited to 350 runners! Thanks for the idea.

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