I think that I qualified for Boston 2012.  Garmin said 3:49:31, but I think I stopped it a few seconds early (at first timing mat of finish line).  Mindi said she saw a time online of 3:49:41, which would make sense.  But the results site I’m seeing right now is showing 3:51:07, which would make me 8 seconds too slow.  I’m pretty sure that site is just f”ed up and that that is gun time.  We’ll see.

No time to post details now.  But highlights:

  • Running first 10 miles off and on with an imaginary internet friend, boB.
  • seeing Tina (follower of my blog) fly by me with her 3:40 pacer and talking to her for 10 seconds before they whizzed on by.  (I can’t find your results on line tina – how did you do???  You looked so strong!!)
  • Seeing ryan and the kids in 4 different spots – so motivating!
  • Looking down at garmin at mile 24, when I had done the previous 3 miles at 10 minute pace and had pretty much given up, then realized that I was actually at 8:39 pace and if I TOTALLY kicked it in, I could still make 2012.  I seriously found some weird inner power/strength the last 2 miles and FLEW!  Last 2 tenths was at 7:2X pace!
  • Seeing my family and signs at mile 25.  Love it!
  • Crossing the finish line for marathon number 5 and realizing that I had met my goal of having FUN the entire time (weirdly, I didn’t cry this time at all during the race and – brace yourselves – I didn’t let out even one F-Bomb!)

Race report to follow in the next day or two.  (Oh – and I feel great!  A little sore, but no injuries, no major blisters, no major aches!)

3 thoughts on “Boston?!?

  1. First of all, congratulations on completing Goal #1 – Have Fun!!!! Every time we run it should be fun so I am very happy that you had a good day out there.

    Well done on not dropping the F Bomb.

    Wait a day or so for the results to work themselves out.

    Great job today Cindi. A fantastic PR!!

  2. Tina

    Hi Cindi! It was great to see you today! I fell apart at mile 20. My legs were cramping and I started to walk (more than just through water stops). At mile 25 I saw the clock and realized that a BQ was still within reach, but I think I missed it by 35 seconds. Waiting for the results to show up. Still loved the day though and the spectators are just so awesome. What an awesome race for you today!!!!!! CELEBRATE!!!!!
    Looking forward to your race report.

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