Race week!

Goals for the week:

  • Clear pee (hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!)
  • Rest (as in sleep; trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, which is more than normal for me)
  • Run the runs on the schedule and really rest on the rest days (no cross on rest days!)
  • Stay away from sickos (much easier now that I’m the only one in my office; it seemed like a secretary or attorney was always sick during my previous taper weeks; now I can just hole up in my office by myself)
  • Eat decent (limit crap food and beer! notice I didn’t say eliminate?  when I try to eliminate it back fires and I end up binging and having even more than normal)

So the week is supposed to look like this:

  • M:  Rest
  • T:   6 miles easy
  • W:  7 miles w/ 2 at MP
  • Th:  Rest
  • F: 5 easy w/ a few strides
  • Sa: 4 easy
  • Su:  Race day!

If you want to set up tracking, I’m number F576.

For tweets on my progress from the course, follow my husband on twitter:  @rgmatt

Or follow me on twitter for pre-race and post-race stuff:  @mattlegal


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