15 Day Forecast

This is the first marathon that I’ve run that I haven’t started obsessing about the weather 15 days out!  I haven’t even been tempted to look.  Honestly!  Maybe because I’m so busy this time around, with life and the new business.  Maybe because obsessing over the weather 15 days out (or even 3 days out, for that matter!) does absolutely no good.  Of course I would love the weather to be perfect (I’ll take 45 degrees and overcast, thank you very much).  But I’m used to shitty marathon conditions (40’s and DOWNPOUR for 1st TCM; 80 and sunny for Grandma’s; ok for 3rd TCM, but stupid cramping leg; 70s and sunny for Illinois), so whatever happens happens.  I’ll adjust my plan for the weather and deal with whatever Mother Nature comes up with for October 3rd!  I’m more concerned about October 2nd – since I’m volunteering outdoors at the Timberdash 5k, I’m hoping it’s not rainy and cold to make me miserable.

6 thoughts on “15 Day Forecast

  1. LOL. Not me. We have a lot in common, but here we diverge. Even though I KNOW the forecast is completely unreliable 15 days out, I still look. Every time. 🙂

    I hope you get great weather! You are due! Can’t wait to track you out there!! Enjoy your taper.

    1. I know – I’m normally like that Mindi. Obsessive about it, even though I can’t change it. But not this time. Here we are 10 days out and I haven’t even checked! Although now that I’m typing this, I’m curious, so I’m gonna go check! 😉

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