Here we go!

Welcome to my running blog!  You may recognize me from blogspot, where I blogged under the same name for years.  About a year ago I made my blog private.  I decided to start blogging publicly again while I was on my run this morning.  Why?  Because I miss it. I miss sharing my running knowledge/adventures/training/accomplishments/failures with The World.  Blogging about my running inspired me to run further and run faster.  It made me feel connected to other runners.  And, even though I find it hard to believe, it apparently even inspired other runners.

So here I am.

I decided to start a new blog here, at wordpress, because I wanted a fresh start with a new blogging platform.  My old blog still exists, but it’s no longer public.  If you are curious and want access to it, just shoot me an email.

4 thoughts on “Here we go!

  1. Good to have you back!

    I linked you up to my “honor roll” now that people can access your public blog again. Good luck at TCM!

    1. Ha! I went hiking with the family on the north shore over labor and walked on a trail that there was a 4 day trail run (Voyageur? It looked like it was a new one with only 15 runners this year) and I was AMAZED that people run on those trails. I felt like I was gonna twist body parts and fall just walking! (And I was incredibly tired and winded from the hike!)

      You never know though. 😉

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