2 minutes of Heaven

I ran!

2 minutes and 19 seconds.  On the treadmill for a PT running evaluation.  And it was HEAVENLY.  Loved it.  The left tibia didn’t hurt or feel weird or off.  It was great.

So am I back to running again?


Huh? Why not?

Because they noticed significant issues while I was running, which, if not corrected, would lead to another stress fracture.  Issues with my left hip abductor being really weak.  Bottom line:  it needs to get strengthened before I run again.  Not completely resolved, but strengthened.  And when I do run again, I NEED to keep up on the core and hip exercises.  Seriously.  Someone remind me.

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It’s a New Day

new day

Moving forward.

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Warning: whiny, depressing post ahead. If you don’t want to be sucked into negativity, press the back button on your browser.

Warning: Image with profanity in it ahead.  If you are my mom, press the back button on your browser.

Alright.  You’ve all been suitably warned.

I’m in a really bad place right now. The marathon I was supposed to be running (Blue Ridge) was yesterday. Boston is tomorrow and I’m thinking about how it was the best (until it was the worst). All my running friends are training for spring and summer races right now. All of my biking friends are training for their summer goal events right now.  Everyone that I know has their spare hours filled with training and running and biking.  And when they aren’t actually training and running and biking, they are talking about training and running any biking.  I am stressed.  I am fat (ok, I know I’m not fat fat, but I am seriously 7 pounds up over my normal weight and that feels like fat). I am feeling crabby, lazy, angry, sad and stressed. I want to run.  I need to run.


miss you f bomb

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Which Came First: The Chicken or The Egg?

chicken eggOr in my case, “Which came first, the locked up/completely inflexible left ankle joint or the left tibial stress reaction?”

I don’t have answers, but I now have a ton of PT exercises that will fix what the therapist saw as a major problem “Of course you are going to get a tibial stress fracture if you run with your ankle completely locked up like this . . . but I can’t tell if this completely locked up ankle joint was caused because you have a tibial stress fracture . . .”

So, first order of business:  get left ankle flexibility, stat.

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WOO HOO, What a ride!

Don’t you love it how little reminders pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, right when you need them most?

Saw this gem of a sign in a chocolate shop yesterday.

choc and wine


Love it. And it came at a time when I NEEDED this reminder.

It’s been a long 4 weeks, where I’ve mostly been moping around feeling sorry for myself that I have ANOTHER tibial stress reaction and am not able to run (yep, you read that right.  No running.  Uggg. ).  Compounded by other health issues that have been limiting what I can do. Compounded by personal crap that has been weighing me down.

This isn’t how I want to be living and feeling.  So seeing this sign reminded me of how I want to be living. So enough of the moping and being crabby and angry and waiting for things to happen/change.  Time to start living the way I want to be living.

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I stepped way out of my comfort zone – and survived!

Remember back in December 2011 when I declared it All About Me time and I pledged to try new things, including taking a group fitness class?

Well, I’m happy to report that I FINALLY did it.  It only took me 3 years and 2 months to get up the courage. :-)  Disclaimer: it wasn’t a bounce around on your two feet type class, which I still don’t have the courage to do.  It was a spin sort of class (more below).  And not only did I survive, but I had fun!  And I’m combing the schedule to see when I can fit another one in this week!

I decided on a whim yesterday to look for something new to do during my self-imposed running hiatus.  I had heard about a local studio called Pedal Wild, but didn’t really know much, other than the bikes are funky, not your “normal” spin bikes.  Turns out that their bikes and the classes are just perfect for me – because they give you an all over body workout.  And it’s only minutes away from my house.  They are “Real Ryder” bikes – designed to simulate real riding, with more movement side to side that works the core because you have to stabilize.  The instructor would yell out when we were supposed to lean side to side and we’d hold it for certain length of time, switching hand positions. Video of them here:

When the instructor set me up before class, she assured me that no one had ever fallen on them.  I told her that I’ve fallen on my trainer in my house, so might very well be the first person ever to wipe out in her class.  She looked horrified. :-)

I didn’t fall.  I didn’t embarrass myself. No one looked at me and pointed and made fun of how uncoordinated I am.  Time flew by. It was a very good workout – working my core and my upper body as well as my legs.

real ryder

I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone!

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