Cheers to a long weekend!

enjoy today!

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The mental side of running injuries . . .

I’ve blogged a bit about this before.  But it bears repeating.  There is SO much information out there about running injuries and how you get them, how they suck, how you treat them, how you return to running after them, blah, blah, blah.

But there is virtually nothing out there about the mental and emotional part of being injured and not being able to run.  There should be.  Because I think injured runners – or at least me – need information and help with it.

Here’s what I’m feeling – all rolled up in one big giant stress ball: ANGER. Sadness. Loneliness. Jealously. Frustration. Guilt (really? I’m whining about not running, when there are people who have serious problems?). Hopelessness. Loss. Did I mention ANGER?

For the very first time today I let myself consider the possibility that I might just need to find something else to replace running.  I might just need to accept that I’m done.  And I feel so sick inside about it. And then I feel sick inside for feeling that way – it’s just running, right? I should count my blessings and just move the fuck on, right?  (Sorry Mom).


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The Twisting and Turning Recovering Road

Shape of Things

I LOVE this!  I hadn’t heard of GK Kingsley until I saw this poem, but he writes some really cool and insightful things.

This poem is a reminder that I needed right now that the road to running recovery isn’t going to be straight.  There may be little set backs or detours along the way to being healthy.  I need to not freak out and let the set backs get me down, so I can move forward.  Even if I have to first move backwards or sideways.

Moving on.

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Kara and Adam, my new coaches

running retreat

In keeping with this week’s theme of taking care of myself, and to celebrate my return to running, I just registered for something that is super exciting.  A Women’s Running Retreat with Kara Goucher as head coach!

My non-running followers will probably read this and think, “you just paid almost $800 to go to the middle of Wisconsin and run for an entire weekend???”

My running followers will understand how exciting and fun this will be!  A weekend long retreat, with 60 women, filled with seminars and group runs, coached by Kara Goucher, Adam Goucher (my BFF), Katie McGee, Janis Klecker and Barney Klecker (admittedly, I didn’t know who the later three were, but their credentials look impressive).   Dinners and fireside chats with the coaches and other runners too.  (I wonder if they allow wine? Or if I’ll get kicked out of camp if I smuggle in a bottle of cab?).  The date of the weekend worked out perfectly for me. And the location, in northern Wisconsin, should be an easy drive from the Twin Cities.

I’m sure after a weekend with Kara, I’ll be super speedy and have a six pack like she does.


Since I won’t be ready in the fall to run a marathon yet, this will be the next best thing!  Wheee!

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I ran!

go run

Yippee!  I got the green light to run!  So I ran a mile today.  Even though it was 43, windy and misting (WTF, Minnesota?), I had a smile on my face the whole time.  It was heavenly!

i ran!

I have a gradual return to running program.  It’s not as gradual as after the stress fractures, so it shouldn’t be so frustrating.  But it’s a sensible, conservative return to running. The big thing that I CANNOT slack on is the core/hip stuff.  I need to do it 3 times a week for the next month or so and then 2 times a week forever.  I swear I won’t slack this time!

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All About Me, Day 1

All about me

Day one of The (2nd) Year of Cindi is off and running. And tomorrow, if all goes well, I will FINALLY be given the green light to run again.  70 LONG days of no running.  I am SO ready to get back to it.  I’ll know details tomorrow – but I know it will be a gradual return to running – like every other day and only a mile a day tops. I’ll take it.

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